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The Trust is quite often asked by members and non-members – “What does the Shots Trust actually do?” The answer is actually…quite a lot! Here is a list of things that the Trust has been doing to date in the calendar years 2013-2014…..

1. The Trust board are all Shots fans through and through and volunteer time to help support the Football Club.

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2. We allocated over 1,200 Community Stand tickets to local youth and community groups last season being careful that tickets are targeted at groups who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend games or would not otherwise attend.

3. The Trust partake in Charity
to promote the club in a positive light, with the most recent being the Step by Step Summer Sleep-out at the ESS back in June where current Trust Board members Tommy Anderson and Ian Goodwright actively took part in.

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4. The Trust had a presence at the 2014 Military Festival. We manned the Shots stall for the day offering “giveaways” and competitions along with promoting the club in a positive light. We took shirt and season ticket orders and also ran a penalty shoot-out competition for children which was a huge success.

5. The Trust have made arrangements to have a presence at the fresher’s fayres at the University of Surrey and the University of Creative Arts in Farnham in Autumn 2014. We will use this opportunity to promote the club and attract support from an under represented group of society at Aldershot Town FC.

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6. The Trust has a Matchday Presence, The Trust directors staff the gazebo at the front of the ground every home game which is a focal point for fans. We impart information, application forms, away travel plans, membership ID cards and sweets as well as answering any questions, relaying back to the club board where appropriate.

7. The Trust have an Away Travel Committee which is managed by Ian Goodwright and Tommy Anderson, both actively encourage fans to book with us, make sure the day runs smoothly and aim to give fans the best possible service at every away game with affordable prices and enjoyment, which will hopefully entice more fans to book through us to ensure we can continue to operate this in future seasons.

8. The Trust Board has Actively Sought Membership for the Trust and the companies that have contributed to items such as the cost of the gazebo. We are thankful for the support of Yateley MOT and we are seeking further sponsorship from local businesses to support the Trust and Raise Funds for Future Projects.

9. The Trust have Organised new Signage at the ground, for the benefit of supporters.

10. We regularly communicate with the club board – listening and relaying ideas and concerns from Shots fans, and Feeding Direct Questions to the Clubs Directors.

11. We undertook the largest Fans Survey led by Ian Barnett that the club has ever done and have feed the results back to the directors. We are in the process of going through the 600+ responses. The exercise has been very useful in building supporter profile, attracting ideas for ticketing and also contacts from community groups that we have contacted regarding the community stand.

12. The Trust actively Promote the Club in the Local Community and support the club’s efforts in “getting the message out there” – We have a Strong Online Presence on Twitter, Facebook ect and we have helped display posters in the Wellington Centre, local shops and arrange a banner to advertise price reductions.

13. The Trust have organised social and community events such as the Wembley trip which has been a great initiative especially for children during the school holidays.

Trust 414. The Shots Trust Media team has provided and will continue to provide the club with Vital Skills to Enable Interviews and the General Running of the Club’s Media Matchday set-up. Tommy Anderson assisted Graham Brookland in the Media team back in 2012-2013 and has agreed to link up with Steve Gibbs this year to once again assist on the Media team.

15. The Shots Trust is a regular to contributor in the award winning Shots Matchday Programme.

16. Trust Director Peter O’Donnell covered the Team Doctor role in the absence of the regular team doctor on a number of occasions.

17. The Trust have has discussions with club and caterers about Improving Catering Facilities and feedback comments to Clarks Caterers.

trust 518. In response to fans requests, the Trust have launched the Forever Shots Fund which aims to secure the long-term future for Aldershot Town FC.

19. The Trust are exploring the idea of registering the ESS as an Asset of Community Value with the intention of being able to protect the long term future of football in Aldershot.

20. The Trust have attended regional Supporter Direct meetings.


21. The Shots Trust manage and present the Player of the Month and Player of the Year Awards.

22. The Trust also manages the Use of the Scoreboard.

23. The Trust Media Team issue members a Regular Newsletters with information about the Trust.

24. The Trust has presented to the North East Hants Youth League and local youth football clubs to promote the club and the Community Stand partnership.

25. The Trust has helped the club Advertise for Voluntary Positions and for marketing support.

26. The Trust made recommendations regarding the Male toilets (East Bank) following Consultation with Fans.

27. The Trust was actively involved in helping with Frank Burt’s 100 Birthday Celebrations.

The Trust Directors are all volunteers and we are all first and foremost Aldershot Town fans. A strong and vocal supporters Trust will ultimately support the club and ensure that it is successful. The more members we have, the stronger we are, so please take the time to read about what we do and consider joining.  We are always on the lookout for more help and others willing to volunteer their time or skills. If you would like to find out more, please email


Shots Legend Frank Burt


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