Shots Trust Rules

The newly revised rules, which would normally have been submitted to a general meeting, were circulated by email because of the lockdown restrictions in 2019.  Members’ responses were largely positive; the few suggested tweaks were adopted and the rules were approved for the Shots Trust.  As advised by the Football Supporters Association,  they have been submitted to the Financial Conduct Authority for formal approval. Once we receive their response, the Rules will be uploaded onto the website in place of the original, ‘template’ version below.


The rules of the Shots Trust determine scope, boundaries, and the legal framework in which it can operate.

The rules can be changed should a proposal be put forward, provided changes are accepted by the members, and  do not contravene the overriding aims and objectives of the Trust.

Here is the current copy of the Trust Rules, which explains in detail how we must operate.

The Shots Trust mission statement is available here.

The Shots Trust strategic plan is available here.